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Cleaning Assistant How it Works

How it Works

Have you ever wondered if there is a cleaning specific software that can help manage and grow your business? Look no further as Cleaning Assistant is your answer! With client management, quick estimates and our super easy checklist creator, Cleaning Assistant takes care of all the little admin chores so you can focus on building and operating your business.

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Key Features

Cleaning Assistant is built for the busy cleaner that needs something simple and mobile to help them get their vital information recorded and communicated.


You never have enough time in a day. This will give you more time by focusing on the just the vital information

Client Management

Keep up to date all of your customers information — Name, address, phone number, email and customer specific special notes.

Estimate Building & Emails

Comes with a pre-loaded cleaning item list for most jobs and with an option to add on the fly for odd jobs that are not so common. Create an estimate for a client in just a few seconds.

Job Checklist Creator

Easily convert estimates into your new job checklist for future visits and to report easily back to your client to give them peace of mind

Job Management

Organize your upcoming jobs so you can plan out your schedule for the week and better utilize your time to build your business.


Just the vitals you need without all the extra bells and whistles that just ultimately tie up more precious time.

Cleaning Training & Testing

Included in the training section are How-To videos and testing to keep you and your business sharp while expanding your knowledge on the latest in the cleaning industry.

Business Building Techniques

Should I Incorporate or not? Is Facebook advertising worth it? How do I hire employees? — Just some of the entrepreneurial questions that Cleaning Assistant will answer in our extended training section.

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